League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Has Been Delayed Due To Coronavirus

Where is the Mid-Season Invitational going to take place? That’s what League of Legends fans have been wondering for some time. The host of the annual League of Legends tournament, Riot Games, announced that the event is going to be delayed for a while longer due to the wild spread of the Coronavirus. However, regardless of this global issue, Riot confirmed that they wouldn’t be canceling the event.

Here’s the message John Needham, Global Head of Esports for Riot Games has shared with the fans: “I know that many of you are waiting for the details of the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational– and we are eager to share them.

However, as countries around the world respond to COVID-19, we’ve had to adjust our plans and delay announcing the timing and location of MSI 2020.” “As countries respond to Coronavirus, we’ve had to adjust our plans,” the announcement added.

Coronavirus forced Riot Games to delay the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational

The Mid-Season Invitational tournament was hosted every year ever since 2015, and it is the second most important international League of Legends tournament aside from the World Championship. With the Spring Split fast coming to an end, the fans want to get ready for the League of Legends World Championship and plan the travel.

“The Mid-Season Invitational is a showcase of the best teams in our sport,” added Needham. “Our goal is to meet your expectations of a globally inclusive tournament that sees the participation of all of our leagues.”

Riot Games took their time to thank its fan base for all the support provided. They also promised to give us a new update as soon as possible. The LPL season was supposed to start this year’s January; however, the threatening virus got in the way once again as the entire season was postponed. By the looks of the situation, the Coronavirus, unfortunately, affected other League of Legends esports.