Racial Justice and Equality Bundle Is Now the Biggest Bundle Ever

Are you interested in seeing a list of over 1,000 games, all of them for just 5 USD? Why would you not be? This is probably the best deal ever in the overall history of indie games. It was organized by Itch.io and it is called the Bundle for Racial justice and Equality. The bundle is a 5 USD minimum donation for over 1,000 items from hundreds of different creators. That is way more games than most of us have in their library. They are good games, too!

The games that are on sale run from cute little experiments and early access games to classic, critically acclaimed indie games. Both tabletop games in digital format and PC games are included in the bundle. The proceeds from this historic sale will go to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund. This is meant to support anti-police and anti-racist brutality protests that are currently calling for justice all around the world.

Some of the games that I personally enjoy (all of them for just 5 USD!) include Minit, Oxenfree and Night in the Woods. The recently released Death and Taxes is also a must to include on any list. Some more games that I would like to mention are Beacon, Quadrilateral Cowboy, The Night Fisherman, Verdant Skies, Dofromantik, A Mortician’s Tale, Super Hexagon and Overland.

When it comes to tabletop RPGs, some great games include Blades in the Dark, Mausritter, Troika and Lancer. All of these are a great experience when you play them online via virtual tabletops.

The Black Lives Matter bundle is hosted by Contigo Games and is currently doing quite well. It is very close to its 100,000 USD goal. The Bundle For Racial Justice and Equality is going to be available until next Tuesday, June 16.