New Content Available for Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV, the game that created an amazing legacy in the gaming world, has just brought out another expansion. Paradox Interactive, the game company in charge of Europa Universalis IV, has just released the new Emperor expansion for Europa Universalis IV. This particular expansion focuses on keeping the faith intact and controlling the rebellious peoples of Europe. Together with this update, Paradox Interactive has rolled out a free update for all Europa Universalis IV players.

Paradox has recently stated that the new expansion focuses on improving the game experience for all European nations. It is meant to add more depth to Catholic states and is trying to create a more energetic and, most importantly, a more interactive Holy Roman Empire. Popes are able to appoint Cardinals, sway the souls of the general populace, collect tithes and many other actions that religious figures usually perform.

In this new expansion, playing as a Catholic state will pit you against the coming tide of the Protestant Reformation, such as the new Hussite faith in Bohemia. Hussites can embrace heresy very early in the game and fight the Pope. Besides this threat, there are also a lot of dangerous revolutions going on, which will need to be either contained or embraced. That part definitely hits close to home for a lot of Europa Universalis IV players, especially these days.

Let us also discuss the free update that comes together with the Emperor expansion. Paradox has stated that the free update makes some changes to the map, to mercenary recruitment, estates and many more features. To be specific, the Mercenary system now uses Mercenary Companies instead of Mercenary Regiments. What is more, some new missions have been added. Franconia got 10 new missions, the Palatinate got 9 more, Brabant and Flanders each got 8 missions, and so on.