Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 Series get a Cutting-Edge Upgrade

Samsung is highly renowned for its interest in offering its fans the latest technological improvements to create the most user-friendly experience. What is even more interesting about Samsung is that the manufacturer tries to offer its fans the best technology regarding how old their devices are.

On the 3rd of April, the company has released a series of popular features for the Galaxy S10 and Note10 series, which bear a resemblance to the Galaxy S20 upgrades. These improvements include an advanced photo, intelligent Gallery, and video tools, as well as easy sharing capabilities.

In addition to this, even the price range has considerably changed. The Galaxy S10 series has been reduced by $150, while the Note10 series is $220 less. In addition to this, the two series bring not only a good quality-price ratio but also a series of improvements that have been inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S20 series.

Both devices are currently equipped with the Night Hyperlapse for both series, allowing users to capture impressive images when the background does not offer the necessary amount of light. Moreover, the application “My filter” offers users the possibility to create their filters with a preferred color scheme and style. To apply it, you only need to take a picture and head straight to the edit function in Gallery.

The new upgrade has brought as well an improvement for videographers with the Pro Video application. Users can change settings in functions such as ISO, exposure level, or shutter speed, allowing them to capture the surroundings just the way they are. Additionally, this application allows users to switch between the backside and the front camera when recording, with the Front and Rear Video Recording.

Last but not least, Clean View is the answer for a well-organized gallery, since it can automatically group resembling shots into different folders.