Predator: Hunting Grounds Trailers Revealed More Details

The free trial weekend for Predator: Hunting Grounds is almost here, and Sony has released two new trailers about the game, which come with a lot of details on the title. That will surely hype players up until the release of the free trial.

The trailers, which are also available on YouTube, show the strength and the unique skills of the characters. Players can choose to play the roles on either side of the hunt, and we cannot wait to get our hands on the game.

About the first trailer: the alien Predator

The first trailer comes with details about the Predator. He has the alien technology on its side, and he can cloak himself. He can also leap among the trees and dismantle opponents from a distance and from a close range. The longer he is in a battle, the more powerful he becomes. He also carries powerful weapons and special abilities, which he learned by killing its prey. You will be able to customize your Predator, add different kinds of armors and cosmetic options.

About the second trailer: The human Fire Team

The other trailer shows the human Fire Team. The team comes with an Assault trooper, a Support trooper, and a Scout trooper, and they all need to escape or fight back against the Predator, while also stopping terrorist communication centers from destroying everything around them. We honestly don’t know which side is hard to play..or win.

The Fire Team can get better equipment and abilities as long as they stay alive. There are two ways in which they can win this: either by hunting down their alien “friend,” the Predator or by lasting long enough to escape through a chopper. We are looking forwards to the free trial weekend of the Predator: Hunting Grounds game.