Social Stealth Returns In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed is one of the richest and most popular video game franchises in the world, with several titles being released since the first title in the series was released in 2007.

Origins and Odyssey have come with major changes for the series as they shifted the focus from a focused story in a serviceable game world to a massive open-world with lots of things to do, including impressive activities and encounters with well-known creatures and characters from the Egyptian and Greek mythologies.

Social needs

While both titles take place in massive areas, the protagonists are right at home. No one would suspect Bayek, Alexios, or Kassandra of planning a scheme, even if they run errands for rich and poor people alike. Alexios and Kassandra can go into Athens without issues, even if they help the Spartans quite a lot during the story missions.

The situation is different for Eivor, who isn’t welcome in England as they are a Viking. While the world can be roamed easily many a disguise is required if they want to venture into cities. Guards with a look at you doubtfully, and it is encouraged to traverse the city with the help of crowds and rooftops.

Not subtle

Social stealth can make many missions and tasks, or even simple exploration, a lot tenser. A patrol can appear from nowhere, and fighting with them isn’t desirable since no one wants to sell items or weapons to Eivor.

However, the experience is far from being smooth. Early hands-on impressions shared by popular video games news outlets note that Eivor isn’t as graceful as other protagonists in the series, and this can complicate the gameplay experience and ruin the tense feeling.

While Ubisoft has focused on combat in the last two entries, Valhalla could bring a much-need balance between stealth and combat. The game will be released on November 10 for most platforms and November 12 for the PS5.