Best TV Shows to Watch on Disney Plus

Disney Plus was launched in November 2019 in some countries, with the UK being recently added to the list. Disney Plus offers a wide range of Disney classics and new productions to its customers. However, sometimes the enormous amount of series displayed can be a little overwhelming, therefore here are four TV shows and movies that anybody should view them at least once.

Best TV Shows You Can Watch On Disney+

Up until now, there has never been a legal alternative to streaming The Simpsons across the world. With the launch of Disney Plus, this has changed. Even though public opinion might state that the show is not as entertaining as it used to be years ago, enjoying the first episodes that brought it the success is a fun thing to do. Adventures like A star is Burns and Marge versus The Monorail are classics that will never fade.

The Mandalorian is the creator of a meme trend, bearing a resemblance to Star Wars. The show presents an intriguing plot and complex characters, some of them being closely linked to Star Wars characters. Therefore, it is a must for Star Wars fans, where one can fall in love over and over again with a cute Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda merchandise you can get your hands on by the time you’ve finished episode two.

Big Hero 6 is a home-grow animation being similar to Pixar movies. It is the first animation that Disney has ever created where Marvel characters are also included in the plot. It is a great animation, suitable not only for children but also for adults.

Recess was a success in the 90s when almost any kid would run back home after school to see another episode of the series about nothing else but school. The well-built characters and the plot have earned the series the title of the most original show Disney Channel has ever created. Now it’s available on Disney+, too.