Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Project — Intriguing Plot, New Cast, and Other Significant Details

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean is under development for its 6th story — Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Joachim Ronning will continue directing the upcoming part, as he did with the last, ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales,’ back in 2017. As for the writer of the movie, Disney decided to sign two writers for the script.

One of them is the well-known writer, Ted Elliot, while the other, Craig Mazin, is highly appreciated for his work in ‘Chernobyl.’ Elliot and Mazin were selected for the task to come with some intriguing ideas for the 6th story of Pirates of the Caribbean, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“…to propel fresh wind into ‘pirates’ one of the largest hauling film franchises of all time, which introduced hard-luck and hard-drinking pirate Jack Sparrow into Disney fandom and pop culture,” reads The Hollywood Reporter’s post.

Before Mazin and Elliot, the scriptwriting job was assigned to writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Both of them team up before for another greatest series, ‘Deadpool,’ leaving the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The movie has gathered many people and developed a massive fan base, mostly because of the famous character, Jack Sparrow, played by Johnny Depp. The character is possible not to return this time in the next story, but more details will be revealed soon.

Pirates of the Caribbean franchise succeeded in reaching the highest tops in Box Office, earning considerable profits for its previous parts. It is a real challenger now for the writers to maintain the legacy by writing a fantastic story. Currently, we don’t have any official announcement released for the plot or cast.

However, Disney intends to change the popular character Captain Jack Sparrow with a female one. According to a source, the new character could be Redd, and her story would be based on the real-life of Pirate Anne Bonny.