The 100 Season 7 Will Mark The End Of The TV Show

The 100 has just finished its sixth season, and fans are already waiting for Season 7 of the popular TV show. But will there be a seventh season, or is the show going into hiatus?

The 100 is a popular TV series about a post-apocalyptic Earth that is inhabited by several groups of humans that managed to survive to the nuclear war orchestrated by an Artificial Intelligence system.

Will the seventh season be the last one?

Director Jason Rothenberg has announced on Twitter, saying that the seventh season will be the last one. The network, CW, has made the same announcement, saying that the final season will be released on Wednesday, the 20th of May.

As we have all seen in the sixth season, they finished it with a massive cliffhanger, with Octavia being killed. Of course, things are also complicated, since we don’t know anything about Sheidheda, or how the characters will make peace with the Sanctum society.

Will Octavia be back after being killed?

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has talked about the ending of the season. He has, indeed, confirmed the news and stated that it was a powerful and genuinely emotional ending. The director that he is satisfied with the finish. Keep in mind that there is also a prequel, which is set 97 years before the events of the series, just at the beginning of the end of the world.

How The 100 Season 7 might end, according to rumors

The director hopes that fans will also be satisfied with the ending. We know that Olivia’s future is blurry, but she might be back. Keep in mind that anything could happen in the show. With that being said, Sheidheda is still going to be a threat. Fans will have a lot to unfold in the seventh season, which will also be the last one of the show.