Venom 2 Launch Date, Plot, Cast, and Speculations About its Cancellation

The so-loved Spiderman spin-off, Venom, offered a massive box office hit with an incredible 800 million dollars worldwide. Venom 2 is produced by Andy Serkis and is already under development. The upcoming movie is said to arrive as the best version so far. We still don’t have an official announcement for its launch date.

Analyzing Sony’s launch timeline, however, we could expect Venom 2 to hit theaters somewhere on October 5. It would arrive right after two years after the first movie. There are a lot of videos related to Venom 2; unfortunately, they’re not launched as official teasers or trailers.

Tom Hardy can be seen once again on the big screens, as Eddie Brock in the lead role. Also, for playing Eddie’s ex-wife Anne Weying, producers could choose again, Michelle Williams. The sequel will probably reply to our questions about Eddie’s relationship with her.

Venom 2 Launch Date, Plot, Cast, and Speculations About its Cancellation

Of course, we’ll be going to see some new faces to appear in Venom 2, such as Naomie Harris. It is not officially announced, but some insiders indicate that she will be a villain in Venom 2. Stephen Graham will join for sure the movie, but any details about his role, are still unknown.

From the post-credit scene in Venom, there is displayed some potential for Carnage, a character that will appear, too, in Venom 2. Also, from the mid-credits scene of Venom, we got tipped about who is going to be introduced as the next villain.

Cletus Kasady was recognized in that scene and is known as a dangerous serial killer. Unfortunately, we don’t have any sign of Spiderman. We’re not sure if we’ll see him in Venom 2. Chances are low, however, mainly because Spiderman has decided to return to the MCU.