Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Update – Release Date, Cast, And More

Edge Of Tomorrow 2 is on the way, I repeat, the second part of Edge Of Tomorrow is on the way! The upcoming sci-fi action movie was a continuation of the Edge of Tomorrow movie release back in 2014.

About Edge Of Tomorrow 2

If you haven’t seen the first movie yet, make sure you do before the second part of the film is reaching the screens. The upcoming sequel was confirmed back in 2016, and we can’t wait to watch it!

Which start will be part of the Edge Of Tomorrow 2? None other than Tom Cruise! The second part of the sci-fi action movie is going to feature the actor Tom Cruise as one of the main characters. Together with Cruise, Emily Blunt will also join as one of the main lead characters.

This news is just great as they both hold the same roles in the first movie. Doug Liman will coordinate the second part of Edge Of Tomorrow. He also made the Edge Of Tomorrow 1; therefore, we really have high hopes for this movie.

Release Date Of The Edge Of Tomorrow 2

At the moment, the release date of the Edge Of Tomorrow 2 movie has not been confirmed; however, the production of the was back in 2016. It looks like we just have to wait and see until the production of the movie starts. A trailer will probably pop up at the same point too. We can’t wait to see again the main leaders playing Major William Cage and Sergeant Rita Vrataski!

About the rest of the film’s cast, we don’t hold any information as you can see there are not many details concerning the upcoming movie. However, the important thing is that Edge of Tomorrow 2 is on the way to the screens, and this is one thing that you can be sure about.