New Research Is Showing the Lifetime of the Extinct Animals from their Ancient DNA

A new study is coming from researches, new information that is showing us the life of the extinct animals and the Neanderthals from their ancient DNA. The study is showing that our ancestors had a lifetime around 38 years old beside us.

Meanwhile, the animals could go up until 60 years, especially the woolly mammoths. The Australian team of researchers used the DNA from the extinct animals, but in comparison, they are looking at the living species as well.

The Research of the Extinct Animals Lifetime

From what they discovered, it seems that some animals could live up to 250 years, for example, the bowhead whale. The scientist had problems in determining the lifetime of many animals until now. Some of them don’t have the chance to reach maximum life because of external factors. Knowing the lifespan of the animals, they can find out a lot of information about the ecology.

Benjamin Mayne, who is working at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Crawley, Australia, is saying that many species have extinct because of the environmental pressure in the wild. So far, they discovered that the bowhead whales are the longest mammals with 268 years of living.

After that, we have the Pinta island tortoise, which is reaching 120 years. The woolly mammoth is coming next with a lifespan of 60 years, while the chimps are living around 39-40 years. The last on the list is the passenger pigeon with a lifetime of 28 years old.

Ancient DNA Revealed the Lifetime of Animals

The information about the animals’ lifetime was determined with the help of their DNA. More precisely, the changes that happen in the DNA. The DNA shows some stretches that are responsible for aging. With this data, the researchers have predicted the maximum lifetime of some extinct and living species.

Finally, thanks to this study, we know a lot more about the evolution of the extinct species and the existing ones. Also, this result can give some tips to modern medicine to help us live longer and healthier.