iPhone SE 2 Leak from Japan Confirms Massive Display

Apple is expected to take the smartphone industry by storm this year and launch five iPhone models. Four of them will be different versions of the latest iPhone 12 flagship and the fifth will be the much-anticipated iPhone SE 2. The latter is a budget device and therefore, it will ship with an affordable price tag. Apple is targeting the mid-ranged budget markets and according to the latest rumors, iPhone SE 2 will have what it takes to destroy its competition. In fact, a new leak from a reliable source is leading us to believe that iPhone SE 2 will ship with a big screen!

iPhone SE 2 Leak

Th Japan website “Mac Otakara” has a good track record of predicting upcoming Apple devices. The reason behind this is that the website has a direct connection to Apple hardware manufactures. The latest leak from Japan is suggesting that iPhone SE 2 will resemble iPhone 8 in terms of design and that the device will ship with a 5.4-inches display. Not just that, but the display will use LCD technology.

While the display of iPhone SE 2 is quite large when considering that this is an affordable device we are talking about, Apple is going to cut the costs by dropping OLED technology and going with an LCD panel instead.

Expected Price Tag and Release Date

As we have previously noted, iPhone SE 2 will be a budget device. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the price that Apple is targeting is $399. This might not be that affordable, but it’s significantly cheaper than the latest iPhone 11 flagship. When it comes to the release date, Apple fans should expect iPhone SE 2 to arrive in the fall of 2020.