Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Receives 3D Face Unlock Feature and a One UI 2.0 Upgrade

After its release back in April this year, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G gets a new feature and an upgrade. Galaxy S10 5G came with a Time of Flight setting in the front notch, and Samsung didn’t so well advertise it. The sensor on the device was used for optical depth effect in portrait selfies, and developers didn’t release the 3D face unlock in the software. However, users will get now the feature once with the Android 10 based on One UI 2.0 launch. Such a feature will introduce the 3D option, and it will be based on the previously ToF sensors.

The news came from the twitter page @TEQHNIKACROSS, showing that “In the latest beta firmware for Galaxy S10 5G, 3D facial recognition using a ToF sensor has been added.” Moreover, the user explained that the face unlock feature will be very secured just as Apple’s is. Samsung S10 5G possesses now two types of secure biometric verification features, introducing a 3D face unlock and a Fingerprint option.

Galaxy S10’s 2D vs. 3D Face Unlock Option

The device used at first a 2D face unlock that only used the front-facing camera for facial recognition and not the current 3D depth-sensing ToF sensor alongside it. Such a fact ended in a weak secure type of face unlock which could be hacked by using a photo of the owner. Samsung, however, resolved the issue once with its One UI 2.0 software update.

The ToF sensor utilizes now an infrared blare to light the face and gets the illumination as well as time for the light to hop back from areas t get the depth of the surfaces in the image, too. The naked eye can not see the red infrared light; it can be seen only using a device’s camera.

Get the 3D Face Unlock

You can update your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G once the One UI 2.0 beta is launched in your location.