How To Fix The Most Common Disney Plus Errors

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is an online streaming service with almost 30 million subscribers. It gained popularity due to its extensive library and affordable pricing. Disney Plus lets up to seven user profiles/account.

Users can enjoy watching the content at up to 4K resolution with Dolby Atmos and HDR 10 support. Disney Plus is available in the US, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and some European countries.

Some users reported some technical issues. If you experience something similar or other errors, there are methods you might want to try. But before finding a fix to specific problems, make sure that you:

  • Introduce the correct password;
  • Check the Internet connection;
  • Restart Disney Plus;
  • Sign out and sign in again;
  • Clear the cache files;

How To Fix The Most Common Disney Plus Errors

Error Code 42: Connectivity Issues

Most users faced such an error at least 2 times. Of course, there could be a server issue from Disney+, and you can only wait for an update. To be sure, check your Internet speed to be above 5Mbps for HD content and over 25Mbps for the 4K resolution. Verify the Wi-Fi modem settings and the latest firmware update, as well.

Error Code 83: Device Compatibility

To avoid such an error, download the Disney+ only from the Play Store or App Store, not from a third-party website. It would also help to check your operating system. If you didn’t update your Android or iOS system, Disney Plus might deny your device.

Error Code 73: Region Availability

Unfortunately, some stuff from Disney Plus services is only available to a specific region. Try using a reliable VPN to change your location and enjoy any content.

Error Code 39: Xbox One Issue

Xbox One users might get troubled sometimes by different issues. You should make sure that you don’t stream any content simultaneously on other devices. If this the issue, then quit Disney Plus on that device and refresh the app on Xbox One.