Hobbs and Shaw 2: Will We See Idris Elba Again?

hobbs and shaw 2

It has been said that Idris Elba will be back for Hobbs and Shaw 2 with an important role. He has appeared in many notable films, from Superhero ones, like Thor, to the Pacific Rim sci-fi, and Star Trek Beyond. Also, we should not forget about The Jungle Book and Finding Dory, where he voiced some characters for children.

Is Idris Elba Appearing In Hobbs and Shaw 2?

A year ago, Idris Elba featured in the side project of Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw. Will he be back for Hobbs and Shaw 2? We are here to tell you what we found out.

According to some sources, Idris Elba will be back for Hobbs and Shaw 2, where he will realize that it would be better to join the heroes and leave the dark side behind. This is the same source that indicated that Han would be returning to Fast and Furious nine and that Ryan Reynolds would have an appearance in the previously mentioned side project. He was right both times.

However, we are not sure if this is written in stone already. Right now, he is believed to make a comeback to the series. And given the fact that Elba has made quite the name in the industry, and he has an excellent reputation, and that the first movie was a hit, there is really no need for him not to come back.

The Hobbs and Shaw 2 Potential Plot

The sequel may feature Brixton again. It would be quite interesting to see if Braxton is still alive. There is also a lot of backstories for Hobbs and Shaw left – remember how MI6 got its hands on a virus that can get rid of half the population on the globe? It might be an exciting topic for the next Hobbs and Shaw 2 movie.