GTA 5 Online: The Hot Bomb Explained

The highly praised online multiplayer action-adventure game in the GTA series offers lots of various modes to players. GTA 5 Online features now an Arena War Adversary Mode, dubbed Hot Bomb, which was launched alongside the Arena War upgrade.

Hot Bomb is an Arena War Adversary Mode that lets multiple players team up and compete to prove their best. If you’re curious about Hot Bomb’s features and how to participate, follow the next steps.

Participate in GTA 5 Online’s Hot Bomb

To join in Hot Bomb, here is what you’ll have to do:

  • Go to the Online tab in the game
  • Find Jobs, choose My Jobs, and click on Rockstar created
  • The Arena War will open
  • Pick Hot Bomb

Upon loading, you’ll have the option to customize the mode variant to a ‘Last Man Standing’ or ‘Last Team Standing’ game.

In a Last Team Standing match, you’ll be divided into two various teams. One team will try its best to eliminate the other. You can also switch between the two sides, but only before the match starts. Also, the ‘Team Balancing’ option must be activated by the host. With such a feature enabled, the players who joined the match are divided into two teams. As for the ‘Join Team’ option, this will be disabled.

You can also choose between any of the Arena Contender or Arena Ready vehicles before beginning. And, if activated by the host, you can choose a custom car.

More About the Hot Bomb in GTA Online

This mode is not limited to any specific Arena War car. With ‘Custom Vehicles’ on, you can also upgrade your car before the game begins. As the round starts, the Bomb will be shot onto a random player.

Next, that player must pass the Bomb into an opponent contender by approaching with a car. Enjoy GTA 5 Online Hot Bomb and get a new gameplay experience!