GTA Online Player Defeated the God Mode “Jet Griefers”

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News about a GTA Online player defeating the ‘God Mode’ jet griefers emerged recently. Besides various activities such as heisting, hitting up the famous casinos, or racing, there are many other things you can try on the virtual environment of Los Santos in GTA Online.

But, as you might observe, not everyone is out there trying to have a good time. There have been moments when players hacked with some odd contraptions, while some were griefing lower-level opponents with extra-powered guns.

However, being in a jet and shooting down other players while in ‘God Mode’ might turn out to be now the most infuriating and annoying thing in GTA Online. But, calm down, because things are about to change, thanks to a Reddit user.

God Mode Got Down by GTA Online Player

Reddit user BigDaddyPapaw discovered a way to catch those players who use the God Mode while jet griefing. He also succeeded in annoying them a lot to leave the game session. The user posted the idea to the GTA Online subreddit. Later, after detailing that he attempted to catch the opposing player with his Jet and the Avenger, he came up with something else.

The result was a success. He hopped out of an aircraft right where the hovering jet was idle. Then, he pulled open a parachute and chose an automatic gun. From there, BigDaddyPapaw brought the God Mode opponent in his sight. He pulled the trigger and killed the griefer.

The Reddit user stated that the player who was making all the grief sent him a lot of “hate mail.” However, in the end, everything was worthy, mainly because GTA Online is ‘normal’ again. Rockstar Games have tried to track down modders and hackers in the multiplayer GTA 5 for a long time. Unfortunately, there is little they can do about griefers due to the lack of proof.