Football Manager 2020 Will Be The Launch Game For Google Stadia


Football Manager is one of the most popular games of its kind. Since Football Manager 2020 is not available on PS4 or Xbox One, fans are hoping that a new port fit for their favorite game will be announced soon. This most likely won’t happen this year, but maybe there is still hope for next year.

For consoles to run Football Manager 2020, the developer Sports Interactive should start seeing different data on the subject. Other versions of the game can be played on different platforms, such as mobile devices, but it’s obvious that they can’t offer the same experience to the player.

Still, we have good news for Football Manager 2020 fans. It seems that Google Stadia will boast Football Manager 2020 as a release date title. Even more, this version will have some major benefits added.

Nintendo Switch users will get the chance to try out Football Manager 2020 Touch, while Steam users will have access to the full version of the game. But until these versions are available, the mobile version of Football Manager is the best alternative for fans. That is until the release of Football Manager 2020 on November 19.

According to the official announcement made by Sports Interactive, Football Manager 2020 will serve as a launch game for Google Stadia. And there are a variety of benefits that will excite fans. First of all, the Google Stadia will provide the player with the full experience, unline the Nintendo Switch. Secondly, Football Manager 2020 ill also become available on Pixel 3 phones on the release date, but a controller will be needed to play.

In Addition, Sports Interactive has been promoting a bunch of other features, such as the ability to add more leagues to their games.

Probably the best part about FM 20 is that it does not require a powerful graphics card to run.