Five Modern Games that Draw from Egyptian Mythology

Various mythologies of ancient civilizations from around the world have been a consistent source of inspiration for video game story writers for decades. Whether it’s a title based around uncovering the secrets within the mythos or one that places the player as a central character within the mythological stories, we are eager to play titles that draw from these timeless stories that reflected the way in which people perceived the world.

Among the most popular of the ancient mythologies to utilize in development are those of the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, and of Norse mythology. Despite how deep and rich the lore is and how intriguing the characters are, Ancient Egyptian mythology is somewhat sparingly used in modern gaming. That said, there still are some top-quality games that have used Ancient Egypt and its mythos very well. Perhaps we’ll see more of them in the future.

Uncovering the horrors of ancient Egypt in the 1930s

Taking the form of a third-person shooter that leans heavily into co-operative gameplay, Strange Brigade has been reviewed very well by players. The game centers around a team of explorers seeking to uncover the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, and, in doing so, having to gun down a bunch of mummies. One of the best aspects of the game is the tongue-in-cheek, absurdly alliterative British narrator, who helps to keep the tone light-hearted and all about exaggerated action. The developers have supported the game for months after release, bringing in new characters, new missions, and new weapons.

Sending us back to the age of Cleopatra

Looking to re-jig the formula after Syndicate and the Chronicles games, Ubisoft brought in leading Egyptologists, historians, and hieroglyphics-deciphering artificial intelligence to create an experience that was as authentic as they could possibly make. The result was perhaps the most visually impressive of all Ancient Egyptian games to date, with Assassin’s Creed Origins giving players a superb hands-on experience of 49 BCE. When playing the series’ first fully-fledged role-playing game, you can go from sliding down a pyramid to fighting off a couple of hippopotamus amidst other, more assassination and politically-driven campaign objectives.

Exploring the ancient tombs for treasures

The great pyramids of Egypt are what have helped to bring the ancient civilization so firmly into the spotlight. When it was discovered that they acted as tombs for the pharaohs, creative minds ran with the idea of undead secrets held within the colossal structures. In fact, Egyptomania was a huge trend in the Western world in the 1920s. This is very much the basis of the game Book of Dead, which sees intrepid explorer Rich Wilde try to uncover the secrets within the pyramids. The excellent use of the theme has made the game so popular that platforms offer 20 no-deposit spins for the game, as you can see here, to become more appealing to new players as their casino of choice.

Lara Croft, but perhaps not as you know her

In 1999, the fourth Tomb Raider game, The Last Revelation, ventured to ancient Egypt but more recently, the arcade-inspired Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris has delved into the depths of the mythos. Unlike the more character-driven reboot series, Temple of Osiris is all about action, adventure, and puzzles. The game leans heavily into the stories of deities from the mythology, with Lara Croft teaming up with Horus and Isis to try to defeat Horus’s brother, Set.

Whether you want to battle alongside the gods or uncover the mysteries of the magnificent tombs, there are some superb games ready to help you immerse yourself in Ancient Egyptian mythology.