Bizarre Monument Build By Ancient Humans from Mammoth’s Bones

An unusual statue dating back from ancient times was found by archaeologists in Russia. It is a monument built using bones which are positioned in a large circular structure bearing resemblance to a mammoth.

Over the years, other mammoth bone pillars were found in Russia, even though this particular one is more important in size than any other mammoth. The most important question is understanding who and why made such an impressive monument, having 41 feet across.

The fact that the mammoth bone structures used to be the sites of homes or other shelters could be the most plausible alternative at this moment. However, the question is whether this example dating back 25.000 years was truly the primary use of the bones.

The ring-shaped monument unfortunately does not offer enough clues to determine its purpose. The archaeologists’ team was capable of discovering remaining evidence of burnt wood, indicating that the construction might have been used as a source of heat during cold winters. Nevertheless, researchers take into consideration the fact that the circular shape might have had another purpose than simply a shelter.

The lead author, Alexander Pryor, declares that building the circular structure is an enormous amount of work, speaking of time and energy. Therefore, it must be a reason why people would invest so much in building the circular structure. It is most likely that the reasoning is a religious or solemn ceremony, more than a practical purpose.

The mammoth discovery has allowed researchers to point out what our ancestors used to eat during the last Ice Age period. Besides an important quantity of mammoth meat, archaeologists found remains of soft plant tissue which are part of edible roots or tubers.

To conclude, the discovery is a special uncovering that gives an insight into the ancient lives of humans dating back 25.000 years ago.