Crucible Gets a Significant Rehaul after Release

Crucible has recently been going through quite the rough patch. After a messy launch, the hero shooter backed by Amazon has announced that it is going to give up two out of its three game modes. The battle royale and territory control gametypes will be given up so that Crucible can focus on being slightly more like a MOBA. In other news, Crucible’s first competitive season is going to be delayed indefinitely, so that the game can polish some of its elements.

Relentless Studios, the developers of Crucible, has explained all of these changes in a Developer Update posted last week. Very soon, Crucible will only offer Heart of The Hives, so enjoy what you can out of this game while you still can.

Heart of The Hives is the MOBA-like mode of Crucible. It consists of two teams fighting at a slow pace while growing in power by killing players in enemy teams and monsters scattered around the environment in order to capture the three so-called “Hive Hearts”, As the battle royale-adjacent Alpha Hunters mode goes offline and the point control mode Harvester Command is scheduled for decommission, Hive Hearts will remain the last available mode for players.

Colin Johanson, a representative of Relentless Studios, has explained that their team is putting all of their efforts toward improving the Heart of the Hives mode and turning it into something truly special. The developer has mentioned that their focus on one particular mode will allow the team to change the design of their core systems without having to make the compromises that were needed in order to support all three game modes.

Additionally, Crucible’s first competitive season has been postponed. This is because some key features of the game were missing upon release, such as voice chat. The extended pre-season is the time to work on adding these key features, all necessary for a competitive season.