Dead Island 2 Version Surfaces Online

It has already been six years since its initial announcement, but we do not know if Dead Island 2 will appear. Somehow, this has not stopped a bunch of ambitions gamers from finding a version of the game which can actually be played, in some sort of manner. Earlier this week, a 2015 build of Dead Island 2 became available online, together with a number of screenshots and videos that reveal Yager’s vision of creating a multiplayer game.

Eurogamer has recently reported that the five-year-old build of Dead Island 2 has supposedly surfaced out of 4chan, the well-known garbage bag of the world wide web. Experts have since verified that the build of Dead Island 2 is a genuine one, and EA Dice game designer and former Yager employee, Jan David Hassel, agrees with them.

The Yager version of Dead Island 2 features eight-player co-op game modes across a California-based open world. The game, if released, would have featured the same loot-grabbing skill tree as the original Dead Island, but Yager had hoped to streamline the first game’s uneven and often offensive tone. Considering this is the same team that developed the well-known Spec Ops: The Line, we tend to agree.

We feel the need to mention that this five-year-old build of Dead Island 2 does not have you speaking to monsters. Their game is still one in which you have to chop off their heads with electric charged axes. More than five years after the game studio has already moved on, Koch Media CEO Klemenz Kundratitz highlighted the fact that Dead Island 2 is still coming, but we have no idea when that will be. Kundratitz has declared that the story is definitely a great one to tell, but they are focusing on delivering an amazing zombie game, not on delivering it as soon as possible.