AirPower 2 is Possible to Launch Soon

airpower 2

A new rumor has surfaced on the internet regarding a new Apple device. Now, you might think that this is about a new iPhone, but for once, it is not about the Apple smartphone. People are talking about AirPower 2.

The speculation is about Apple’s wireless charger pad that seems to have casually ditched plans for March 2019. However, now, just over a year later, the internet is talking about the AirPower again. The rumor has it that a new AirPower might launch at the same time as the iPhone 12.

Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech shared his opinion about this subject and says that Apple engineers “haven’t given up yet.” According to him, the company is still in the process of prototyping a new version of the gadget.

More About The AirPower 2

Prosser also shared an image of C68, which could be an updated prototype version of the AirPower 2 gadget. The photo of the newly-revived wireless charger doesn’t have such great quality. The image was taken in the home of an Apple employee who obviously wants to remain unknown, hence the bad quality of it.

“While working from home, engineers on Apple’s ‘Sharing and Proximity’ team are receiving prototype units of something called “C68 “. They are being asked to work on software communication between devices for a “future product” that has an A11 inside to “dynamically manage heat,” posted Jon Prosser on his Twitter page last week.

According to Prosser, the upcoming AirPower 2 model is featuring an A11 processor. This processor will manage the distribution of power, hopefully in a better way than the currently available gadget. It looks like the first wireless charger device had an issue with overheating up when used for charging an Apple Watch. The thing is that charging an Apple Watch requires more power than other devices; therefore, it is no surprise that Apple will try and sort out this issue.