Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Coming to More Platforms to PC

Recently, Sega gave the free-to-play action RPG game Phantasy Star Online 2 a western release. There are two main features of this release: it is only available in North America and it is on the Windows 10 Store. Microsoft Store is chaotic enough that some dedicated fanbase are denied access to Phantasy Star Online 2, even if they live in North America. The game company responsible for Phantasy Star Online 2 is yet to make a comment on a possible European launch, but there is still some news for stores out there. Alongside the launch for America, the first big update will come, where players will get their very own vintage battleship. Sega has also confirmed that Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to many more PC platforms in the near future.

Eight years after Phantasy Online Star 2 debuted in Japan, the game appeared in North America on May 27. Three weeks later, Sega said that they are still working together with Microsoft to solve the many issues there are, such as players not being able to download or install the game. Microsoft Store really is bad. Sega did not mention any of the other PC platforms that the game is headed to, but it is likely that at least one of those will be better than Microsoft Store.

Sega released the roadmap for today’s content updates. There is a lot to catch up on from the Japanese edition, and the first big post-launch patch will get to us in August with new stories, quests, and even a higher level cap.

Sega has said about the E3 2019 announcements that one of the lines read “All the Content”, which they know that makes fans curious about what it means regarding the launch of the Phantasy Star Online 2 in North America.