Pokemon Go Update Helps Players That Are Isolated Due To The Coronavirus Outbreak

With the coronavirus outbreak situation, people are advised to remain in their homes, isolated. As the most of us have to stay in quarantine due to this fast-spreading infection, Pokemon Go players have to do the same thing. Playing this mobile social game is difficult at the moment, as people have to stay inside, which means no more Pokemon cathing.

The game developers are making more modifications to the game to make it more playable and enjoyable inside the closed walls of our homes. Don’t be sad fans; the game company will have more Poké Balls prepared for you.

The game company has now introduced a very attractive new offer! You can now buy one pack of 100 Poke Balls for one PokeCoin! This new offer is super reasonable, but it is not here to stay forever. Hurry up and acquire this limited edition offer as it is available until March 30 only.

More updates to come to Pokemon Go to improve playability during the COVID-19 isolation

The company also announced that they would have new offers every week to encourage players to stay at home and also make a nice pile of items. More affordable deals to come!

If you are a Pokemon Go lover and can make it to one of the PokeStops, we have great news for you. The company updates the number of gifts up to 20! Players are now allowed to open up to 30 gifts every day. Make a friend happy with a Poke Ball as you now can hold 20 gifts!

Last but not least, Niantic also introduced a 3x Stardust and 3x XP for the first Pokemon catches of the day. How cool is this? The company also announced that more Pokemon Go updates would follow in the upcoming days. This is a nice change for the game players, and we hope that it will encourage people to stay inside.