Zinc Might Help Fight Against COVID-19

There are a lot of links between a human’s diet and their health. The function of an individual’s immune system is one of these links. Good nutrition is a factor that can support the immune system in its fight against pathogens by helping to fight against things such as chronic inflammation after one has had an infection.

Interest in Supplements Increasing

Most people that follow mass media at least once in a while are aware of the fact that vitamin C has a positive effect on the immune system of an individual. If you do not have enough vitamin C, you might have several problems, such as a higher risk of infections and dangerous diseases such as pneumonia.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded a lot of people that health is a highly important topic and nobody lives forever. There is definitely no one food or supplement that can ever stop a person from getting COVID-19, but there are a number of nutrients that can help the immune system in the potential fight against COVID-19.

The Magic Mineral

According to a recent review that has analyzed the benefits of zinc regarding COVID-19, this could help our immune system when fighting with the new coronavirus. What is more, zinc is commonly found in a lot of different food types.

How It Works

The findings all seem to indicate that zinc might have some defensive effects when it comes to COVID-19. Of course, that is quite vague. So how does zinc actually help us if we get infected with COVID-19? Well, the answer is a surprisingly simple one. It would seem that, according to a study that was recently performed by an entire team of researchers and experts in nutrition, all of them affiliated with the Sechenov University, located in Moscow, Russia, that zinc can support the anti-viral immunity and actively reduce inflammation. The study was published in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine.