Cannabis Could Improve the Mood of People Suffering from Sickle Cell Disease-Related Pain

According to some new studies that have been performed, cannabis could help with improving the mood of people that suffer from chronic pain related to sickle cell disease. The very same research also seems to indicate that cannabis was quite a safe intervention, as far as treatments for chronic pain go.

The study was first published in JAMA Network Open, an academic journal dealing with this type of research. The study is highly relevant because it paves the way for more studies like this in the future. Its initial findings have to be verified, then expanded on, so the investigation regarding cannabis as a possible treatment for chronic pain of various causes can be continued.

Sickle Cell Disease: What Is It?

Sickle cell disease is a common type of red blood cell disorder. It causes the very cells to become misshapen, eventually taking the crescent form of the very thing the name suggests: a sickle. All of this information is official and was taken form the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also abbreviated as CDC.

Sickle Cell Complications

The problem with sickle red blood cells is that they die a lot sooner than normal cells do. This means that a lot less oxygen gets transported on a regular basis throughout the body of the person that has sickle cell disease. It would also seem that sickle cells have the tendency of clogging some smaller blood cells a lot more than normal blood cells do. The result of this is chronic or acute pain, infection, and even some severe issues regarding the cardiovascular system.

Regular Treatments

The CDC has declared that treatments for just mild pain coming from sickle cell disease include some over-the-counter analgesics, such as aspiring or even ibuprofen. If the person, however, is suffering from more severe pain, doctors can choose to go for a daily opioid medication, such as morphine.