Twitter Trials a New Threaded Conversation Layout

Twitter is planning to make some changes to the app for iOS and the web users. At the moment, it can be a bit confusing the way the threaded conversations are displayed on this app. However, the company wants to make it easier for iOS and web users, and change the way they see who is responding to whom.

Was it ever difficult for you to know who you are replying to and how the conversation is evolving? The way the lengthy Twitter conversations are displayed can be confusing sometimes. And then add the original poster who is also responding to replies to the confusion.

What Twitter wants to introduce is an interface similar to Reddit. The company also showed what Twitter would look like with the new interface, and it includes branching lines and indentations. That means that users will be able to see more of the conversation in one view.

Novelties from Twitter

On top of that, Twitter is also putting engagement actions behind an extra tap. This way, it will be easier for the user to follow the conversations with a reply. As for engagement actions, we refer to Like, Retweet and Reply icons, for example.

This feature has been in the development phase for over a year now. As you might know, Twitter is using its “twttr” prototype app to test this new interface, as well as other new functions. Twitter’s prototype app also has a subgroup of users to get feedback.

The branching conversations in a Twitter thread is not an entirely new idea. The company has talked about this topic at the CES 2020 conference, so seeing a representation of the possibly upcoming interface was not such a big surprise. If people stick up for this proposed change, then Twitter will more than likely go further with the actualization of it.