Microsoft Surface Book 3 Was Announced – Specs, Features, and More

Who said that the highly-anticipated Xbox Series X is the only powerful gaming machine that Microsoft will bring in 2020? The giant corporation headquartered in Redmond (Washington) also brings its Surface Book 3 laptop into the tech scene, and many people, including gamers, will be delighted because of it.

There will be two versions of the Surface Book 3 laptop: the 13 inches and the 15 inches. They don’t have too different specs, as the tipster Roland Quant offers us some insight.

Microsoft Surface Book 3 – Powerful video cards and other impressive specs

Both versions of the Surface Book 3 laptop are equipped with powerful graphics cards from NVIDIA, as a video card, in general, represent a crucial component if you want a capable gaming machine. Therefore, there’s a GeForce GTX 1650 with 4 GB of memory mounted on the smaller laptop, while the other one has a GTX 1650 Ti with 6 GB of memory.

But the good news doesn’t stop for those willing to enjoy high-end games on the Surface Book 3 from Microsoft. Both versions of the laptop are packing Intel’s Core-i7 processor and a jaw-dropping amount of 32 GB of RAM. But surely the video card and RAM are not everything when it comes to gaming, as the processor also plays a major role. Here’s what Windows Latest has to say about it:

“According to a new certification, Surface Book 3 will feature Intel 10th-generation processors and Microsoft plans to sell both the 13-inch model and 15-inch variants.”

To be more precise, the Surface Book 3 laptop will be using Ice Lake-U processors from Intel. This means that the laptop will be matching the same chipsets used for the Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 devices that came out last year in October.

The most plausible release date for Microsoft Surface Book 3 will be somewhere during June 2020, although Microsoft didn’t say anything about it.


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