The Motorola Razr 2019 Returns as a Foldable Android Smartphone

The Motorola Razr is one of the most iconic features phones of all time and a staple of the 2000s as both a cell phone and a fashion statement.

Motorola has decided to revive the iconic device, and the revamped version has been revealed by the company. The new Razr retains the looks that made the original models a hit while replacing the classic keyboard with a good-looking 6.2-inch foldable plastic OLED screen.

The concept of the device is quite interesting since it goes against the current trend. While most smartphone manufacturers are working on devices that can be unfolded to enjoy the screen size of a tablet, Motorola took a regular smartphone and made it even smaller.

It is easy to see that the new Razr is a great incarnation of the original aspects, enhancing old traits like the big chin on the lower side of the device with a fingerprint sensor and a USB-C charging port. Instead of trying to play the nostalgia card, Motorola wants to offer a solid flagship experience.

The 6.2inch OLED panel folds in half horizontally. When the device is unfolded it has the size of most modern smartphones. A notch is present on the upper side of the panel, along with a speaker and the front camera. Users will enjoy a smaller 2.7-inch panel placed on the upper rear of the device, which provides access to notifications, music settings, and the option to take a selfie with the front camera.

However, nothing is perfect, and some sacrifices had to be made to implement the Razr design. The device sports a Snapdragon 710 as battery life and heat were taken into account. Some users will be disappointed by the presence of a single 16MP sensor, but a dual or triple camera array would have forced Motorola to alter the looks.

The device is accompanied by a $1,500 price tag.