Epic Games Store Delays the Launch of Conan Exile

There is some bad news for fans of freaky RPGs. After everything was ready and people were eagerly awaiting the free launch of Conan Exiles on the Epic Games Store, the game even being featured in Epic Games Store’s free game rotation, it has been announced that the game will not be available on Epic Games Store after all – at least, not in the near future. What is even worse is that, when Conan Exiles will arrive, it will not be free anymore. This is certainly a little bit of a problem. Personally, I had really been looking forward to the upcoming warrior RPG, as swinging swords in an immersive sandbox is really my jam. But oh well, that is how the cookie crumbles.

The barbaric survival game, Conan Exiles, was supposed to make its debut on the Epic Games store with an entirely free week alongside Hue this week. That is definitely an odd pairing, but even weirder is the news that Conan has had its platform release postponed without too much fuss.

Strangely, neither Funcom, the developers of Conan Exlies, neither the Epic Games Store have explained why Conan Exile has been temporarily exiled from the platform. In no way did we expect this, and now we cannot even expect to see when the game will finally arrive to the platform. The survival sandbox has had a rocky past, roaming around Epic’s competitor platform, Steam, for several years. In 2018, the game finally got out of its early access phase. Who knows, perhaps the game’s American affiliation led to it not being available on the Chinese platform. Of course, this is simply speculation.

Regardless, with or without Conan Exiles, the Epic Games Store’s ongoing rotation of giveaways goes on. Instead of Conan Exile, next week will see Lifeless Planet, Killing Floor 2 and The Escapists 2 being given away.