The Conjuring 3: We Finally Have a Release Date

the conjuring 3

The Conjuring universe has managed to create yet another great movie with The Nun. We have also heard of Annabelle 3 coming to theaters. Also, The Curse of La Llorona is part of the universe. Right now, we cannot wait to see what’s happening next. The next movie from the series is probably The Conjuring 3.

The movie was confirmed back in 2017 by New Line Cinema, but we got no release date. The producer of the film, Peter Safran, stated that they would start filming in 2019. Then, Warner Bros. confirmed that the film would be released on September 11, 2020.

What about the cast?

Most of the cast will be back for the prequel: Patrick Wilson as Ed Warren, Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren, Sterling Jerins as Judy, and Valak as Bonnie Aarons. We don’t know anything about other cast members since previous films have focused on different families.

The plot of The Conjuring 3

We heard that the new movie would be based on another real case, which has been investigated by Warrens. The story might be about a man who was on trial for murder, who claimed that he had been possessed by a demon. The official story is named is “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.”

It shows a story of murder and terror and of an unknown evil that shocks the researchers, Ed and Lorraine Warren. One of their most terrifying cases starts with the struggle for the soul of a young man, which shows to be the first time in US history that a murder suspect would bring into discussion demonic possession as a defense.

So when is the release date?

The Conjuring 3 release date has been set for September 11, 2020, after it had already been confirmed by New Line Cinema in June 2017. The producer of the movies, Peter Safran, was really confident that they will start filming in 2019, as it happened.