Frozen 3 Release Date and Other Possible Details

Frozen 3

Frozen 2 has been a hit among audiences who savored the anticipated sequel to the first movie. With the first two entries in the franchise being a global hit, it may seem likely that Disney would be working on a third movie – Frozen 3.

However, at the end of the second movie, one hints that the story of Arendelle is over. Despite the satisfactory ending, many fans wish to follow the colorful cast along a new adventure, and the odds might be in their favor.

The Frozen Franchise

A quick glimpse at box office statistics will reveal that both movies have been quite popular among the target audiences. Released in 2013, Frozen earned more than $1.28 billion, planting the seed for a profitable franchise. Six years passed until Frozen 2 was released in 2019, scoring $1.45 billion at the box office and proving that the interest has grown over the years.

Besides the main movies, Disney has also released several animated shorts, among which we can count Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and Frozen Fever. The revenue collected by Disney is even larger if we take into account the assortment of Frozen-themed merchandise that can be found on the market.

Frozen 3 possible release date

It is likely that a third movie would bring even more people to the theater. Creating an interesting plot should not be a difficult task for Disney, and the co-director has stated that one should never say never when a possibility is involved.

With Disney spending six years on the creation of the sequel, it should be no surprise that a new Frozen movie will not be announced in the close feature, despite the demands made by dedicated fans. If an optimist release window and current trends are included, Disney may release Frozen 3 in November 2023.

It is important to keep in mind that several animated movies are already in the making, and these projects have to be finished first, so Frozen 3 might come out later.