Black Summer Season 2 Rumors on the Release Date, Plot, and More

Black Summer is getting ready for a second season on Netflix later this year. What should we expect up next for the zombie story? Also, when will the second season air? We’ve got plenty of information, from rumors, reports, or teasers, as well.

About Black Summer

Black Summer, a Netflix Original zombie-chilling story produced by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams, became a praised TV show. Similar to Z-Nation’s universe, the TV series has marked a prequel to the bold zombie story.

However, Black Summer proved to be the best of its genre so far, reaching a broad and vast audience. Maybe it’s because of its darker or more nuanced theme, or it’s only about its action. Black Summer is going to air again, and that’s what matters.

Black Summer Season 2 Release Date

As some reports suggest that the cast has already begun filming at the next season back in January in Calgary, Canada, things couldn’t be greater.

The launch date for the second season might follow the steps of the previous season. The first season started back in July 2018 and ended in September the same year. According to such a thing, we might witness the second season airing in the late summer of 2020.

Black Summer Season 2’s Expected Plot

Actress Jaimie King surprised fans with her latest announcement about Black Summer. She first confirmed the existence of a second season and then hinted at some significant ideas which we might see in the next chapter. During a conference, the actress said that fans should believe in themselves because “whatever you believe will occur.”

Well, as relieving yet confusing to find something about the second season of Black Summer, what Jaimie said isn’t much helping right now. The best what we can do is hope for another slayer season, intriguing plot, and better development of the characters!