Tesla Cybertruck Could Hold the Future of Electric Movement

Tesla Cybertruck has been introduced as the newest character in Musk’s automotive industry. The car appears as a box truck, something futuristic and innovative, too. But, is this the future of the electric movement?

Elon Musk seems to possess an unlimited imagination, and its ideas sometimes disappoint people or leave them in awe. The Cybertruck is more than its angular shape design, according to Musk, but it could have an impact on our future?

Cybertruck’s design stirred up a lot of controversy among people and also in the car industry. The car looks different than the public appearances of popular manufacturers. We always have, however, brave designers who tried with models such as Lamborghini Countache, Ferrari Testarossa, or Fiat Multipla. Tesla’s courage is now more than impressive.

Tesla Cybertruck Maximum Potential and Performance

Tesla Cybertruck’s all-electric motors make from the car a powerhouse. The Cybertruck has no power holes like in turbo combustion engines, for example. The question is, however, what does it make so compatible with the title of the car of the future? The stainless steel Cybertruck is electrically driven, but it still consumes more than a light city car.

So, Elon Musk came with an innovative, yet an intriguing idea. He stated, “Will be an option to add solar power that generates 15 miles per day, possibly more. I would love this to be self-powered. Adding fold-out solar wings would generate 30 to 40 miles per day. Average miles per day in the US is 30.”

Tesla Cybertruck will be the first-ever car to come with such a feature. By placing a solar panel on the car roof, Musk wants to be more environmentally-friendly. Such a rood would charge the battery for 15 miles a day in sunlight, meaning we would get 24km. Tesla Cybertruck is set to arrive as a revolution starter car, one that would probably compete with Audi, Porsche, or Mercedes.