Avengers: Endgame Fan Theories – Is Captain America Star-Lord’s Grandfather?

Marvel Studios, with Kevin Feige, has managed to build a massive Hollywood series of movies, which is famous and big enough that every film that it’s made and released is a big event all around the world. It’s an unforgetful event.

Of course, the movies have some big fans who are excited to see what the next film brings in the game. They are also observing the movies, hoping to get Easter eggs from every scene, because maybe they would find something amazing, perhaps more details about future movies.

Naturally, there are fan theories out there, some more amazing than others. Some are absurd, and you need to take a few moments to process all the information written there.

And perhaps, at some point, you stop to realize that it actually makes sense, and you’re blown away.

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This is also the case with an approach that comes from a Reddit user. According to the user, Captain America (Chris Evans) is actually Star Lord’s (Chris Pratt) biological grandfather. See? Blown away.

It all comes from the fact that Laura Haddock, the actress who plays Peter’s mother – Meredith Quill – makes an appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger. The theory stated that Haddock plays Meredith and Meredith’s mother.

The mother has a fling with Steve Roger at some point in the movie. We do not have enough proof to support the theory, but we do know that Meredith’s mom is not in the room when she dies in the first scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy. So seeing them meet in The First Avenger is a bit tricky. If we are to take into account aging, some things match perfectly.

That might also explain Peter’s capabilities, which make him a super-soldier. It might be all happening due to his father’s Celestial background. The theory is insane, but to some extent, it does make sense.