Rare Weather Phenomenon: A Man Snaps An “Angel” Coming Down From The Skies

A man captured a picture with an angel that came down from heaven. The image is so realistic that some say it’s a fake. This is a known phenomenon, and it’s called Brocken Spectre. The man who caught the image is a hill walker, and the photo was taken during his expedition, at first he intended to shoot the rainbow, but apparently, he made a fantastic photo of an angel.

The phenomenon takes place when a body or a person stands above the surface of the clouds, and it has the Sun in his back, and it can be observed only in on mountain peaks – it’s named after the Brocken, the highest peak in Germany.

And that’s because there, in the 1700s, the first documented meeting with Spectrum took place. Tourists visit the area today to hunt it, but also because it is said that here witches and demons appear every year, on the night of Valpurgia, on April 30th.

An “Angel” Comes Down From The Skies

Under favorable conditions, the observer’s shadow is cast on the fog. Tiny drops of water reflect sunlight to it, forming a colored cloud around the shadow, the wind moves the mist, and the spectrum seems to move on its own. This strange optical illusion could be the explanation for the numerous occurrences of angels or saints in places at great heights, in times when people were much more superstitious.

Lee Howdie is the name of the “artist,” and he works as a store manager at Tesco. He likes to travel, and as we can see, he also wants to take pictures. The phenomenon was often associated with folklore and superstitions for centuries, and now it’s only physics.

He said after he took the picture that his body looked huge because it was in the rainbows ocular center, and he was very fascinated by this fact. He says that a sheep came along, and the effect was the same. Like I said before, his passion is photography, and he never misses any chance to capture nature.