Doctor Strange 2 Has a New Director – Sam Raimi

Doctor Strange 2 will have a new director, Sam Raimi, because the former director, Scott Derrickson, is out of the production from last month. He left the movie because of some creative differences, so we will see what the film will look like with a new mind on board. What is fantastic is the fact that Marvel didn’t delay the sequel, and it will come as they announced.

New Doctor Strange 2 Director is Sam Raimi

Everybody is thrilled about the new name that is coming into the team of production of Doctor Strange 2. The company that started the superhero movie genre, such as Spider-Man trilogy with Toby Maguire, is having a great name on board, and the fans are excited.

Also, what is beautiful is the fact that Derrickson is not out of the plans for good. He will be the executive producer on Doctor Strange 2, and Sam Raimi will be in charge of the direction. The filming for Doctors Strange 2 is starting in May.

Besides this, Sam Raimi is well known for the making of Spider-Man in the 2000s. After that boom, the director disappeared from Hollywood. Also, Raimi had in production movies like Drag Me To Hell from 2009, The Wizard of OZ, and the prequel OZ the Greatest and Powerful for Disney. Even if he disappeared for a while, he was busy with other production. He was working at the horror franchise Evil Dead and Poltergeist.

More About Doctor Strange 2

Marvel is choosing only the best and talented filmmakers, even the ones with less experience. But their job was marvelous even with this “issue,” and take the example of Russo Brothers and Taika Watiti. The speculation about Sam Raimi to take the lead in the movie started right after Scott Derrickson has left the production.

Finally, we have seen a connection between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man in the second movie. A dialog that could be as an Easter egg for fans, and could be used now. In the meantime, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will come on May 7, 2021.