Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: How Tarantino Kept the Spoilers Away From the Public

We have learned that the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood script was kept locked in a safe because the producers did not want any spoilers to ruin the end of the movie. The movie got ten Academy Award nominations and won the Best Picture. Tarantino’s previous scripts were all leaked before the film was released.

Tarantino is very famous for taking stories and turning them into something amazing. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood shows the perfect work of a writer and a director. The tragic story of Sharon Tate was portrayed perfectly.

However, Tarantino did his best to turn around the expectations of the audience by giving the character a happy ending. We know that the movie lost Best Picture to Parasite, but Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has made its way on the list of the Tarantino classics.

Quentin Tarantino Kept the ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Spoilers Away From the Public

According to an interview, Tarantino’s first assistant director, called William Paul Clark, stated how the script was guarded. He worked with Tarantino on many of his movies, so he was not really surprised when the director wanted to keep the third act of the film in a safe.

“We kept the third act in a safe in the accounting department. You come, you get your script, you go into the little room, you go read the third act…When you’re done, you give the script back, they put it back in the safe, and you leave.”

He also said that the safe was carried by the crew when they had to shoot on a different location. We know that it seems drastic, but we know sure it is worth it. Spoiler, be it from movies, tv shows, or books, are everywhere, and sometimes they ruin the story for us. It is frustrating for a whole team of cast and crew to put a lot of work, only to have it spoiled just before it premiers.