Disney+ Launch In India Was Postponed For A Later Date

Disney+ was supposed to be launched in India. However, that will not happen anymore. It has now been delayed. The streaming service was launched last year in the USA, as well as in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

The audience preferred the first season of The Mandalorian. Still, the combination between Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Pixar titles, and the Fox purchases, has made the streaming service a huge hit among people. In the first three months since its release, Disney announced that it had 28.6 million subscribe.

The streaming service was set to be released in the UK and other European countries on March 24. But there is another country which will have to wait a bit more to get the fun that comes with Disney+.

Disney+ Release Date in India Was Postponed

According to some reports, because of the coronavirus pandemic, Disney has decided to delay the March 29 launch in India: “It was set to become available on March 29 to coincide with the start of the Indian Premier League cricket tournament, whose start has been delayed to mid-April due to the virus.”  The president of The Walt Disney Co. stated that there is a revised premiere date for the service, which will hit the market soon.

The launch of the streaming service coincides with the Indian Premier League, which would have been an excellent opportunity for Disney. Last year, the league had 462 million viewers. So if there is this delay for the IPL, Disney delayed the launch, too. We don’t know how long the IPL will be off or any other event, as a matter of fact, since the coronavirus is spreading fastly.

A lot of Disney’s upcoming original Marvel TV shows were also delayed. But there is also some good news: many movies, including Frozen 2, got released early on Disney+ because of the pandemic.