Netflix Vs Apple TV Plus – A Brief Comparison Of Features And More

Netflix and Apple TV Plus both have lots of features and many original programs. They’re also commercial-free and come with a monthly fee plan. Apple TV Plus, for example, has only a plan of $4.99/month, while Netflix offers four plans starting at $8.99/month. But, if you still don’t know what to choose, let’s find out how different they are.

Netflix Vs Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus and Netflix Contents

Apple TV Plus has only 60 titles so far, while Netflix impressed with its vast library of almost 1000 titles of original movies and series. But, Apple TV Plus is more interesting when it comes to new Hollywood movies. As for Netflix, the movies are much older, and you’ve probably watched them many times on TV.

Apple TV Plus and Netflix User Interface

Both Apple TV Plus and Netflix have quite similar user interfaces. On Apple, however, there are some movies with options for renting or buying. On Netflix, you can choose what to watch, then Play or Download.

Apple TV Plus and Netflix Availability

On Netflix, you can watch movies on a wide range of devices, from smartphones to smart TVs. As for Apple TV Plus, you can choose to watch whatever you want on smart TVs such as Samsung Smart TV, on Roku streaming devices, PC, and more. Find out if your devices are compatible with the streaming services by accessing their official webpages.

Apple TV Plus and Netflix Free Trial

Not sure which streaming service should you choose? Why not try the free trial. Netflix, for example, allows you to try their service for a month. Unfortunately, for some countries, the duration might vary. Apple TV Plus though 7 days are enough so that you can enjoy their streaming service only for a week. But, if you purchase a new Apple device, you will get an extra year of free subscription.