Minecraft vs. Roblox: Why Aren’t Both Free?

Minecraft and Roblox are some of the most played games in gaming’s recent years.

They feature a similar sandbox-style format that allows players to design games, play for countless hours, and meet other players from around the world in specialized communities where they can gather and seek help at any time.

For many years, some people kept comparing and spiting the two games, not only because of their features but also because of their price.


You might already know that Minecraft for Mac and PC initially costs $26.95, but Roblox is entirely free. However, there is a catch! If you pay for Minecraft, then you are granted unlimited access to its features and resources, so you can fully enjoy the game. On the other hand, Roblox is indeed free to play but adopts many limitations because of its freemium/premium model.

Their philosophy is that once you get hooked on the game, you will automatically subscribe, buy and trade weapons and continuously invest in the game.

A base subscription costs $5.95, known as the Builders Club. It allows players to manage more games, get rid of advertisements, and buy Robux, the game’s currency, daily.

To sum it up, Roblox is not free if you want to play it regularly. If you only play it to pass the time, the basic package might be just enough.


The gameplay of the two games is another detail that differentiates them. Minecraft doesn’t include any instructions, so you have to learn most things on your own (or resort to online tutorials).

On the other hand, Roblox offers two options: playing and creating. Players can design their custom games with guidance from Roblox and a vast community that is famous for its helpful members.

If you are too lazy to create, Roblox gives you the option to play other user-created games.