Mars’ River System Captured By The ESA In New Stunning Images

The Red Planet has always been under the focus of scientists. We have an affinity for Mars, from books to movies and video games. While our imagination can go beyond science, the scientific discoveries about the Red Planet are also amazing. In recent stunning images, the ESA captured, once again, the Mars’ river system.

There is no doubt that Mars once had housed water and probably alien life. At the moment, the Red Planet is dry and deserted. But that doesn’t mean that Mars is lifeless. Our neighbor can still house microbial life, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

In reality, scientists that studied Mars agreed that the Red Planet is not as different from Earth than many consider. Mars had an extensive river system and pools of water that might have been the basis of alien life on the Red Planet. Recently, the ESA (European Space Agency) released some astonishing photos with the ancient Mars’ river system.

The ESA Snapped Mars’ River System In New Stunning Images

In a new series of photos, the European Space Agency presented an ancient Mars’ river system that stretched over 700 kilometers. The ESA’s scientists said that the presence of such an extensive system on the Red Planet is another proof that Mars has an Earth-like climate back in its history.

The so-called Nirgal Vallis on Mars presents the same traits as similar river valleys on Earth. On our planet, the Colorado Plateau, the islands of Hawaii, and the Chilean Atacama Desert exhibit the same properties as the Nirgal Vallis on the Red Planet.

The ESA captured the new images of the Mars’ river system with the High-Resolution Stereo Camera of the Mars Express orbiter. The latest photos added to the many evidence pieces that show that Mars once had water and, possibly, housed alien life.