Omega-3 Supplements And Vitamins Help Kids With Autism

A new study issued in the Pediatrics Journal concluded that omega-3 supplements and vitamins help kids with autisms, reducing the symptoms of the condition. On the other hand, those children who do not use these dietary additions do not present the same beneficial effects as the kids who use omega-3 and vitamin supplements.

The scientists reviewed the data collected from over 1,000 children with an autism spectrum disorder in about 30 studies. The researchers administered various omega-3 supplements and vitamins to the participants or placebo pills for the control groups involved in the research.

The administration of omega-3 supplements and vitamins proved useful in comparison with the dummy pills administered for the control groups. Accordingly, the scientists concluded that omega-3 supplements and vitamins are beneficial in kids with autism. However, further studies are required to evidentiate the outcomes found in this recent research.

Omega-3 Supplements And Vitamins Help Kids With Autism

“These results suggest that some dietary interventions could play a role in the clinical management of some areas of dysfunction specific to ASD,” explained Dr. David Fraguas from the Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Maranon and Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain, and the leading author of the new study.

“The underlying mechanisms involved in the potential efficacy of dietary interventions in autism spectrum disorder are unknown. Our study does not assess this important question, and current literature is inconclusive. Currently, we cannot make a specific recommendation regarding dietary interventions as treatments for autism spectrum disorder,” added Dr. David Fraguas for National Post, by email.

At the moment, according to the CDC, 1 in 59 children develop an autism spectrum disorder. The scientists struggle to come up with practical solutions against autism or with medication to reduce the symptoms of the condition. The new study concluded that omega-3 supplements and vitamins might help kids with autism, but further research is needed.

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