Huawei To Launch Truly Wireless Earbuds Soon

The new wireless earbuds tech has become a trend around the globe. Huawei is planning to join the team off wireless earbuds, and we can’t wait to see the outcome.

The smartphone company has already introduced a patent for the possible new pair of wireless earbuds. The company’s patent is also very similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus. Both Huawei and Samsung wireless earbuds look very alike; however, the former buds probably won’t come with the exact same features.

The thing is that at the moment, we don’t know the specs for the upcoming Huawei wireless earbuds. We don’t know if the company will actually launch the earbuds under their name or under the Honor brand, which is a sub-company. However, we do have some ideas on what Huawei will have to offer.

Huawei’s truly wireless earbuds possible features

As normality, when it comes to technology, the internet is already talking about the possible specs that the Huawei truly wireless earbuds could pose. 91mobiles have an opinion, and we are going to share it with you.

The upcoming earbuds are expected to feature a touch sensor that will allow the user to change tracks and answer calls. It could also feature other functionalities as well. The image posted on the internet reveals the shape of pod design. The model also suggests the possibility of charging pins and proximity sensors.

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy earbuds, the Huawei models will support a charging case to accommodate the small items. Looking at all the wireless earbuds models, you can notice that they all feature a touch sensor.

Therefore, we believe that the upcoming Huawei truly wireless earbuds will be no different. The touch sensor will most than likely connect the earbuds with the AI assistant as well. The noise cancellation will be supported by the silicon ear tips, as revealed in the image.