Grand Theft Auto 4: Bad Update

The update was released yesterday. It was meant to restore missing music, but it also prevented files from loading correctly.

Yesterday, gamers were given quite the surprise to help them out in these difficult times. A new update of Grand Theft Auto 4 was released. This update restored some of the radio stations and songs that had been previously removed from the game in the early months of 2020. Theoretically, this should have been good news for the fans of the series, but it was, unfortunately, not the case. Bice 80 FM, one of the stations which was restored after its removal, had a number of really nice 80’s songs, which would have been well received by nostalgic gamers. This, however simply did not work out.

Once Grand Theft Auto 4’s update went live, some reports started to appear on Steam forums and on Reddit threads. It appeared that this update was corrupting the players’ save files, which is definitely a major problem. At least one gamer commented on Reddit that they had to uninstall the game, together with the folder and all of their savegames. In order to recover their progress, they had to use cloud saves, but that is not an easy-to-follow solution for everyone playing Grand Theft Auto 4.

The good part of this bug is that no actual harm was actually caused to the gamesaves and, once the update was called back by the developers, everything returned to normal. A representative of Rockstar games declared that there was a problem with yesterday’s update, and it temporarily seemed to indicate that all save files were destroyed. This led to the developers’ decision to call off the update. Now, the game should be reading the corrupted save files, and the update will be redeveloped in the near future.