League of Legends: Wild Rift: Reinventing the MOBA Genre?

We have taken a look at League of Legends: Wild Rift. The game is a simplified version of the well-known PC MOBA, and it looks really good until now. This spinoff, available on console and mobile, was initially announced during the ten year anniversary of Riot Games, which took place back in October 2019. Just today, Riot Games finally showcased to its fanbase the extended gameplay preview, and they have even talked at length about some of the game’s core systems, such as the champion rosters, cosmetic skins, and much more.

If you know your League of Legends, you are definitely interested about what is going on in the Wild Rift. In this article, we will just tell you what you need to know. The game looks incredible and the map is astonishing. You do not control your characters like in a regular MOBA by clicking to go from place to place, but rather control them directly through the use of a virtual joystick built for your left thumb. The character’s abilities are controlled though the use of you right-hand thumb. Some of the skill shots involved in the game, such as Olaf’s axe throw, turn the ability button into another virtual joystick. This one will be used by the players to aim, and it will essentially turn League of Legends: Wild Rift into some sort of twin-stick shooter.

This is not the only relevant thing about League of Legends: Wild Rift. Instead of having games last for almost an hour, sometimes even more than that, this mobile game is trying to shorten the complexity. Matches within League of Legends: Wild Rift are estimated to last about 20 minutes. For example, the Nexus does not have any towers which the opponents need to destroy. There are many such changes to make the game more mobile-friendly.