Fast and Furious 9 To Bring John Cena and a ‘Living Han’

All Fast and Furious fans are delighted to know that the family will be reunited in the next film from the series. We have the first trailer of the movie, number nine from the Fast and Furious franchise. The series also has a change of name, being branded now as the Fast Saga, is arriving with Fast and Furious 9 and the addition of John Cena. We will also see Vin Diesel, who plays Dom, Michele Rodriguez, who plays Letty, and even the disappeared Han.

The trailer is showing us, Dom, with his son and Letty at their farm, away from the madness and dangers. However, the peace will not last for a long time, because John Cena is entering in their lives as Dom’s brother, Jakob. What is mind-blowing is the fact that Jakob is helping Cipher played by Charlize Theron, to kill Dom.

Besides this insane twist, Han appears in the movie after we see his death in Fast and Furious 6. Oh, my God, so many questions about what happened for real with Han, where he had been, why is he alive, and how?

Fast and Furious 9 Rumors — John Cena, Living Han, and More

The actor who plays Han, Sung Kang, is happy to return to the Fast and Furious franchise. However, like in the Universe, it seems that the movie has a balance on its own. We see one character appearing and another one disappearing.

Unfortunately, we will not see Luke Hobbs, aka Dwayne “The Rock” as Johnson in Fast and Furious 9. Johnson was seen last time in the spin-off called Hobbs and Shaw alongside Jason Statham. We don’t know why the actor is not participating now and if we will return in the franchise sometimes.

In short, in Fast and Furious 9, we will also see the returning of Jordana Brewster, who appeared in Fast and Furious 7. F7 was the last film from the franchise that had Paul Walker until his death. If you remember, Jordana Brewster was Walker’s wife at that time and Dom sister. It seems that the next installment will offer plenty of new things to see.