Elon Musk Plans to Test Brain Implants for Curing Neurological Issues

Who says that Elon Musk is interested only in space exploration? Thankfully, the notorious billionaire is shifting his focus to other fields as well. One of them is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that so many people are worried about. But as many apocalyptic scenarios are claiming that AI could one day pose a serious threat for life on Earth, humanity is handling it very well for the moment.

Elon Musk proves it, as he plans for his Neuralink company to implant a computer-brain interface in the human body in less than a year. The purpose is to help those people who suffer from severe neurological conditions.

Monitoring 1,000 neurons

Neurons are brain cells responsible for movement, the functioning of organs, and even the simple act of thinking. The number of neurons can differ from person to person, as you can easily conclude from the everyday life. The chip that Neuralink will be implanting in the brains of its patients will carry along 3,000 electrodes that will be monitoring the activity of 1,000 brain cells.

As we know that the little device will be using AI for brain stimulation, further details had not been issued for how it will be possible. But Elon Musk explained a little what the implanted chip will bring for its patients:

“If you got an interface into the motor cortex, and then an implant that’s like a microcontroller near muscle groups you can then create a sort of a neural shunt that restores somebody who quadriplegic to full functionality, like they can walk around, be normal – maybe slightly better overtime.”

The billionaire has great faith in such kinds of technologies, as he believes AI is getting better along with the imminent flow of time. He even says that by using Artificial Intelligence in the future, humans won’t even need to speak to each other. They will be able to communicate easily by using neural chips.